The vehicle project breakdown and tea with a crazy man.

So being back at uni after Christmas has been hard, there was no rest when getting back and we were pushed straight into work; being given 144 thumbs and 12 finals to do over 2 weeks.... yeah that's a lot of work. Needless to say I still haven't finished them.

Anyway, this week our lecturer Chris decided to run a week of intensive visual design where we were told to pick an object and books of our choice  to create a vehicle out of. At first I was very excited and and eager to get to it; however my lack of knowledge lead me to thinking I had all the time in the world and ended up going out shopping and doing nothing of importance in the time I should have been spending doing this project. So it came to the Tuesday night when I finally got to work and managed to produce some half decent silhouettes of my pocket-watch.

I was eagerly anticipating going into class the next day to see what amazing designs I could come up with; however during the lesson I realised that I can't even draw a box in 2 point perspective let alone come up with an amazing concept for a vehicle, of course this got me thinking about whether this course is right for me and how I am just not a good enough artist, thus spiralling into depression. That night I went home and pushed my pencil around the paper trying to come up with ideas and in the end decided to just give up and go to bed; I then worked on the designs in the morning and went with the best idea I had which was a portable prison, finally with a design I began trying to draw out the shapes and thus my lack of perspective skills left me angered and with a massive problem, I then had an amazing idea to use my 3D skills to make the vehicle and then use that to draw on top of for my digital final. Later that day I got to the cintiq room dreading working on this terrible concept and ended up giving my computer away to another student so that I could procrastinate and forget all about my poor designing skills. 

This is where the breakdown begins, I found myself talking to a friend about his work and how everything has been going and it was going well until he asked me the same questions... I broke out in tears and explained how I felt about my design and how behind I was on work. After a while he gave me his computer and I began work on the project still not 100% about the overall design. After being the last one to leave the labs I got home and found a message from this friend staying "Hey, pointing out the obvious here but you seemed a bit down. Message me on Facebook if you want a cup of tea sometime. We both have a fuck ton of work but its good to take a break sometimes. Good luck with the work.", this immediately cheered me up but it was straight back to work. I opened up my work and started to procrastinate yet again by going on Facebook and by eventually deciding to go out and buy some energy drinks I then texted him and asking how his work was going and that I was going to get some drinks because it was going to be a late one. He eventually told me to come up for a cuppa before I got to work and I couldn't refuse. Whilst with him he helped me realise why I've been depressed and how I can fix it; obviously I cried my eyes out and explained everything, him analysing everything every step of the way (because he is insane) and showed me how he keeps motivated and spends his time correctly with still being able to slack off every now and again. So I thanked him and got back to work with a positive attitude and managed to finish it, and even though its not amazing I am very proud of it because I didn't give up and got a decent piece of work out of it at the end.

The moral of this story is TEA FIXES EVERYTHING!
And get yourself a counsellor like I have, he doesn't know it yet but I am coming up for a cuppa every week ;)

Cheerio for now...

and one last thing I want to thank you for everything! (you know who you are)
oh and research the number on the side of my vehicle (5150) its for you. ;)

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