Feedback reflection

I recently revived my feedback from my critical studies tutors and I was a little disappointed with my evaluation so I have decided to reflect on the areas I am doing bad in and see where I can improve from now. I got adequate across the board which is better than inadequate but I'm aiming for excellent's! 

The main issue for my bad results were my lack of blog tasks; I am working on rectifying this at the moment, I have worked through:
The history of video games: 1950-1970, 1980-1990 and 2000 to present day and have my personal enquiry tasks next to finish; which I am planning to write on art style in games throughout the years.

I was also told to change the page background to make my posts easier to read, therefore I have changed over to a milder neutral scheme, which is more suited to me.

I need to work on my analytical skills; this is shown in my roadmap post, I have not shown how I can improve my skills and attributes. I feel like I could get better at analysing by writing more posts about myself and how I can advance; picking at every little weakness and how I can develop these. 

I need to set goals and create timelines for myself; If I write action plans with time-based realistic goals and outcomes I can help show my development and see how I can push myself to become better at certain things. I can create these plans easily by using visual design, critical studies, game production and personal tasks and creating time managed goals which I can write in a blog, and then recap to see where I have gone wrong and where I have succeeded. 

I should plan all of my blogs in word first so that I can make sure all of my posts are relevant. This will also help in making use they are not rushed, too long and boring or are me ranting about a recent event. 

When it comes to research I should look into journals, books and magazines rather than just relying on the internet. If I plan ahead I will have enough time to scan though text in books and journals to gather information that isn't generic and just found on Wikipedia.

I also need to write blogs about things I am interested in and are relevant to the course; in my own time. For example write about artist, new games, films, books/comics and consoles/PC's. This would help me with my analytical skills and my overall knowledge of important subjects. By writing about something I am interested in it will also help me write engagingly, it will be less boring and have more of my personality in the writing. 

I feel that my attendance isn't bad however I missed a few seminars at the beginning of the year and I need to make sure I continue going to all of the critical studies lessons whether they are optional or not; they are all beneficial and important. I also need to work on my engagement in lessons by talking more, answering questions, asking questions and starting discussions. 

I personally feel that I need to improve on my professionalism, I have not done a good job of showing my strengths. I have talked about personal information too much such as depression and breakdowns; these things are not terrible to talk about but I need to make sure that the main focus is on how I can overcome these things and how I can improve.

If I follow all of these steps and produce regular posts on relevant subjects I should be able to get the grade that I want at the end of the day.

Cheerio for now.

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