The scary clowns and strong men continue

Last week I showed you the start of the Character project and how I moved onto a circus theme instead of a king and jester idea; continuing on from last week I have managed to get to the orthographic stage. We have also been given an extension on this project which means I won't be stressing and overworking myself too much, but anyway lets get onto looking at some work.

After finishing the sloth head variations last time I went onto doing the same for the tamarin:
I got feedback on these and the favourites were 1, 5 and 6. After getting this feedback I spoke to one of my tutors and he suggested I looked at bears and big animals and how they move; this threw me off and I got lost. I ended up drawing bears for the rest of the day:
However this wasn't a complete loss of time, I ended up looking at the shapes of my characters in more detail and decided to draw up some new silhouettes and then draw over the top of them.
Here's what I came up with originally, as you can see I still hadn't decided on the Tamarin's head at this point; this whole process helped me out a lot and I feel that my final designs shown bellow are better thought out and overall more visually appealing.
As you can see I didn't change the sloth much but I explored what the back of his suit would look like and for the tamarin I went with the blocky headed one and slimmed him down, gave him knobbly knees and elbows, I also made his arms a more realistic length, gave him little muscle bumps and sweat stains.

After this I drew my characters up and started to do value studies:
Number 3 for the sloth and 4 for the tamarin were chosen to go forward. After going through this stage I went onto looking at colours.

As you can see I have a lot more colour variations for the sloth; this is because I found it harder to find colour combinations that I liked; I originally looked at colour schemes often found in the circus (red, blue. white and yellow) but I'm still not sure which I like or feel that would work well with the tamarins outfit. However for the tamarin I loved them all but I ended up going for number 9 because the colour combination works the best and the gold dumbbell shows off his personality better.

After that hard decision I decided to move straight onto orthographics because of the lack of time left on this project and I want to ideally have both characters modelled; So I skipped out a final concept piece.
As you can see the tamarin is finished and ready for modelling however I am still working on the sloth but should have it done before Monday so that I can get straight into modelling and texturing.

This time next week I will hopefully be polishing both characters and getting ready for my presentation. Wish me luck.

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