The last stretch before Christmas; swing, scary sloths and horrible jumpers

This week has been a drag and I can truly say I am ready for Christmas and ready for this character project to be over. This week I have gotten a lot closer to finishing this project ready for the hand in on Wednesday but there is still a lot to do.

Due to the extension I managed to do some other things rather than Game Art this week... I know heaven forbid! I have sorted out a trip with a couple of mates to go to the VFX festival in London in January. This is a brilliant opportunity to meet lots of people, get contacts and give out business cards and if I am lucky some CV's. The show is mainly about visual effects but there is also going to be a few games companies showing off some of their new games. So fingers crossed lets hope this goes well. I also managed to get dragged along to a swing night at the cookie (a local cafe/bar) and we all loved it! The music was amazing the people were all lovely and the dances were beautiful! It was so enjoyable we met a lovely man that teaches it ever week; who actually studied Animation at DMU before going into dance, so we are looking at going to those after we get back from Christmas. But until then here's a little taster...

Anyway lets get back to business and talk about the character project. I managed to finish my orthographics over the weekend as hoped and got straight into modelling on the Monday. 
I can now see that my orthographic were a little off, the arms were too long and they don't match up entirely but it was still helpful to block in the design and then work from that. I managed to get my modelling completed within a day and spent the next day putting in deformations and refining the mesh; checking for any Ngons and unwelded verts.
Here's the final model; it comes up at just under 4000 tris. One thing this project helped me with was pelt mapping; I have finally learnt how to pelt map hallelujah! Its only taken until second year... anyway I got the unwrapping done in a day and went on to thinking about my final design in the next.
UV Unwrap

Here is my final reference board for the sloths outfit; as said before I was unsure on the overall colour scheme when I was doing my colour variations. So I spoke to one of my tutors and together we came up with a prison issue outfit made with a thick fabric such as Hessian, covered in dirt and blood. It is very important to me to try and not make this look like a concentration camp outfit due to my colour scheme being blue, red and cream; I feel that the darker blue I have chosen does not show this. I quickly painted this to then use as reference later on; as shown below.  

After coming up with a final design I started texturing and I am still working on this at the moment. I have decided to go with a 1024 32bit targa for an albedo, roughness, specular and normal map. Below is my texture sheet at the moment and a quick render of the front and back of my character so far.

I should hopefully have the albedo finished tomorrow ready to do all of the other maps on Tuesday and if I am lucky I can hopefully either rig him or model my other character on the final day. Wish me luck!

I will be so glad when this project is over and I can't wait for the final week to start so that I can wear my truly horrible Christmas jumper! 

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