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So another week has been and gone; Alas Christmas is over and I can no longer move with out help from a crane. But it didn't stop me having a lovely night out on Sunday, but we will get to that later. The holiday is drawing to a close and the dinosaur I promised is no where to be seen, the only thing I have managed to do is learn to knit (my scarf is going strong and I might even get it done by this time next year!). However I am not going to beat myself up over un-modelled dinosaurs because at the end of the day its my holiday and all I have done so far is tidy up and stress over Christmas so I feel that some time off is well due.

Over Christmas I have been trying out my new camera, its not terrible for the price. Here's some pictures I have taken in the last week.
Nothing fancy but I'm not a photographer, I just want to have photos to evoke memories in the future. For Christmas I got a mass of books; The Guardians of the Galaxy artbook, Alien Isolation artbook, WallE artbook and a couple comics to help me procrastinate even more. So don't be surprised if my work in the next term ends up being all syfy orientated. 

I decided to do a later post than usual so I could write about my lovely Sunday night outing with my family; My parents got complimentary tickets to go and see the pantomime Mother Goose at The Hackney Empire. (http://www.hackneyempire.co.uk/3463/shows/mother-goose.html). You may be wondering why we got free tickets for the best seats in the house, well that would be because my parents are friends with the wonderful Clive Rowe, star of the show. The inside of the theatre was absolutely beautiful and made with true craftsmanship; it is truly inspirational. The show was amazing and brought me back to my childhood when my parents would take me and my sister to see pantos when we were little. Clive's performance as Mother goose was outstanding and the singing in the entire show was extremely impressive. The show also incorporated lots of modern day references including lots of south London charm which made me feel right at home. The show was mesmerising and I must admit I got caught up and ended up joining in with the "it's behind you"'s; I wonder if you incorporated the same elements as you do in a panto into a game, whether or not it would work? Well that's one to think about for the future. 
You might notice that that picture is taken from the stage; well after the show Clive met us round by the stage door and gave us a behind the scenes tour; an of course we had to take a selfie!
Me, my mum and sister looking as beautiful as ever. After having a nose through Clive's room and his outfits, we gave him a lift home and had a few drinks round his. I never knew we had so much in common. He loves comics, video-games and Utopia (the best TV show ever), he even lent me his copy of watchmen to read, Clive is such a lovely humble guy and I look forward to seeing him again and I can lend him my copy of The killing Joke (One of my favourite Batman comics).
 Update you again soon after the new year when I am back in my freezing cold flat up north,
Cheerio for now.

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