Sci - Fi as promised

So I'm back in freezing Leicester and our boiler is still broken but that hasn't gotten my spirits down yet, because as promised I am doing Sci - Fi! It feels good to be stepping out of my comfort zone and I am pumped for this term.

Earlier today we got given our new brief; a group project revolving around shipping containers. I know it sounds boring at first but we have to either make a dystopian or sci - Fi playable map with interactive elements. I quickly jumped into a group with new people I haven't worked with before and we have being vibing off each other extremely well. So far we have come up with an idea of a crashed space ship that's starts off clean and pristine but slowly gets more dirty and grown over as you get to an exit leading outside into natural light.

So far we have managed to do a bsp brush block out in UE4 and are in the midst of finalising the overall level. We have also made a pinterest board and our first mood board. Whilst pinning I found a very inspiring sci Fi wall and edited to get a quick rough idea of what sort of colours we wanted to go with; we now know we want to go with a sickly lime green, yellow and mint colour scheme. We have also planned out what we are doing in the next four weeks so that we are on track.
That's everything at the moment, will up date you at the end of the week when we are hopefully on the modelling stage,
Cherrio for now.

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