Container project; The final push

This week has been long and stressful but there is no time to waste so I'm keeping it short this week.

Another week has gone and we are almost at hand in and there is still a lot to do; the wipe board has come out and we are quickly churning through the tasks left. I have finished all of the modular assets and I am now working on texturing unique assets and populating the level. We should hopefully be working on a detail pass on Tuesday, I am feeling the pressure due to us not  having a lot of time left, we are all also going to vfx in London on Wednesday which means we are short one day.

Despite the lack of time I have managed to set up my LinkedIn and online portfolio, I even ordered some business cards which I hope will come before vfx. Anyway I will leave you with some screen shots of the level so far and will update you after our presentation on Monday wish us luck!
Cherrio for now.

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