Contain your excitement: Container City Project

2 weeks have gone and we have made good progress; however we still have a lot to do. Lets start off with getting to the good stuff; pretty pictures. Here is a couple concepts to help get the mood and feel of the spaceship; and for the first time ever I like a photo-bash that I have done!
Bridge concept
Storage room concepts
Airlock concept
Door concepts
Leading up to the presentation we sought advice from some tutors and were told that we should start texturing the walls and floors; so that has been my job for the majority of the week, slowly modelling the final modular pieces and texturing them; this was our next step due to it making the level look more complete and also making it easier to set up the final lighting.

So surprisingly our presentation didn't go too bad! I mean it wasn't the best but it wasn't the case of start your whole project all over again; well that was the case for one tutor but lets pretend we never heard him say that. Basically every tutor we have spoken too has given us backing apart from one; But only one side can win...
We reckon he isn't a fan of the mushrooms because he's not a "Fun gi" (I'm not sorry). Anyway we have decided to try and make our project feel even more containery and have given it a "city" back story so that we might be able to get away with our project so far. The back-story we have given our crashed spaceship is that it was once part of a massive modular space city but during repairs part of the ship disconnected and crashed on an alien swamp planet. Hopefully this will be enough to win him over along with the retro 70's sci-fi.
New moodboard
Through out the week I have also been working on a corrugated metal tileable texture; I have looked into material instancing and managed to create 3 new textures from one parent material. This will help save texture space and makes the textures load faster in UE4. 
Tile1 is the parent material to Tile2, Tile3 and Tile4
In the rest of the time I have had this week I have been messing around with morph targets to try and get a concertina door working in UE4; due to the animation I made before not being supported, I have had to find another way to make it work. Today has been spent sitting at a computer trying to get a door to squish, trust me it has not been easy. At the moment I am trying to get the blueprints to make it play through the morph target but it just isn't having it; so tomorrow will probably be spent doing the same thing but hopefully with some more help from a tutor we can get it working!
Me using morph targets and blueprints
To finish off here is a quick fairly up to date version of our level we will have a lot more assets and textured items soon. Enjoy!
Cherrio for now!


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