Sci-fi containters

Since Monday we have progressed a lot; not as much as we had hoped but we are back on track. After hitting a brick wall in the middle of the week we now know where we are heading and what we should be working on. We have iterated on our original level design and have blocked it out in UE4 with max meshes so that they can be replaced with updated models. 
Original level design
Whilst I was lost at the beginning of the week I started to concept some walls and assets by modelling them, this was helpful but I realize now that it would have been better to do larger concept pieces to get a sense of atmosphere and to make it easier to model later on.
General style moodboard
Walls moodboard
Walls, floor, ceiling, door and extra assets
 Here is some more concepts that we have done throughout the week;
Door Concepts
Bridge Paint-over
Base container concept
Fungi moodboard
Twisted hallway paint-over concepts
 Earlier today after feeling unproductive me and my flat mate that are in the same group decided to make our own labs in his room by setting up our pc's together; and I must say it is keeping us both on track and helpful for quick crit.
"Home labs"
Soon after I started sketching what the habitation area might look like, by using different eras for a retro influence. I am now blocking them out in max to see how they look.
Retro moodboard
Habitation area sketches
Habitation area block-in
I have also quickly done an animation test to see if our idea of having concertina doors was realistic or not; and it seems like as long as we can get the animation to work in a blueprint in UE4 it should be fine.
To finish here is a quick fly though of our level; 
when I update you again next week I hope to be close to texturing. Wish us luck!
Cheerio for now. 

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