It's over! Bring on Christmas!

Last week I was close to finishing my albedo and I am glad to say that this character project is over; however I am glad to say I am happy with how my character turned out! (I know shock horror!) oh and pre-warning this is going to be a massive photo spam blog.

I spent a total of about 3 days working on my textures for my sloth character inducing an albedo, roughness, metalness and normal map. Here is a load of finished beauty shots in 3DS Max, UE4 and Marmoset...

After finishing my sloth I had a day left so I debated rigging him but this not being my strong spot I decided that I would model my other character instead, in threat that I wouldn't get the rigging done in time. Another factor that drove me towards not rigging was that I had deleted faces where the head sits into the ruff, which means that if I was to rig it when the head turns you would see a gaping hole in the back of his head... opps... well at least I know for next time aye?

So with a day left I managed to get my other character modelled: as shown below.
This model also came out at just under 4000 tris; with the time left I managed todo a quick paint over and get my presentation ready for the Thursday.
I did a quick paint over just to show what the two would look like together.

So lets get onto the dreaded presentation; Truly it wasn't that bad and I am getting a lot better at them. I got some decent feedback on my sloth character, that I should revisit the shape of him by looking at more reference because I lost the sloth feel; this is something I might revisit during the holiday by doing paint overs. 

Overall I am really happy with how the final duo came out considering I lost love for this project within the first week of being given it, but anyway now onto the crucial Q&A.

Q: What went well?
A: The overall modelling went very well I finished both models in a total of just over 2 days, which meant that I had more time than anticipated. The texturing also went well, although it took 3 days I do believe that it is my strongest texture work so far.

Q: What didn't go well?
A: I rushed into this project and went with one of my first ideas, I didn't leave myself a lot of room for iteration; however I don't believe that this was entirely my fault because the tutors pushed us to do things quicker than we do normally. I tend to spend a lot of time concepting so that I come up with the best idea I can; so if I was to do this project again I feel that I would take into account what the tutors say but at the end of the day listen to myself and do what works for me best.

Q: What did you learn?
A: I have learnt how to paint textures a lot better and how to draw orthographics better; I also know how I should make a model in order to rig it. I have also learnt to listen to myself more and how to take criticism even if it is harsh or childish. 

Q: How would you approach it next time?
A: I would definitely spend all the time I need on concepting to get a solid idea and then work on that rather than choosing something and getting lost halfway though. I would have also made a timetable so that I would know how long things would take and then plan around that.

Q: What can you take from this project and apply to others?
A: The new texturing skills I have learnt and overall being more confident in myself to do what I think needs to be done. I will also push to do something more realistic and possibly human next time to push myself even further because I feel that I was made to play it safe. 

Wooo so now that's over we can talk about Christmas! I have just gotten home and have been surprised with a redecorated room thanks to my lovely parents so now I have no excuse to not want to be in my room doing work. Over this holiday I am planning to model a dinosaur; I am still unsure whether I am going to be able to Zbrush him (being a Zbrush noob) and rig him... but I will try none the less. I am also going to spend lots of time with my grandparents and sponge up all of their knowledge, I am going to try and learn how to knit for the 20th time and possible do some woodwork while i'm at it! 
Anyway I will update you soon! 
Keep up the Christmas cheer! 

Dinosaur cat image: http://rebloggy.com/post/cat-dinosaur-robert-downey-jr-robert-downey-jr/67709624628
Christmas cat .gif: http://www.tumblr.com/search/christmas+cat+gif

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