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As you know we have handed in our level at DMU but we still have a few things to do for the official submission. I advised my group not to work on the level anymore because it was finished, if we were too add anything else it might change the feel of the level. I also want to work on personal projects as I felt I haven't learnt a lot from this project and wouldn't be learning anything new by continuing it. 

There is along list of things needed for the British Library and Game City hand in first being a logo for our group; I asked Braden to design this for us and he got to work straight away, coming up with this:
Initial logo design 
I loved this however I felt it would get lost on the video and documents so I asked kindly and Braden came up with another 2 designs:
2 more logo designs
I adore these and decided to choose this one for our final logo:
Final logo
We also have to send them a presentation showing a quick overview of how we made the game. I did all of this and wrote notes on each slide to tell the judges exactly what happened. Here is a screenshot of the slides; It had to be 5-10 slides long:
It starts of with an introduction to research, concepts, level design, planning, Alice, Modelling and Texturing, Engine, User Interface and Final Level.

We also needed a group photo which is a problem considering that some people have gone home; so I have made a quick image, hopefully Denzil can find the one he took at the start of the project.
Group photo
I have also packaged the level into a game! I have even sent it to a friend to play test it and it works fine EXCEPT from my lovey destructible logs. They flicker when broken, yay! This has been looked into by the people that make Unreal Engine and have fixed this in their newest version. So I just have to wait till 4.8.0 comes out and upgrade the level; fingers crossed this doesn't break anything else in the level, if it does we will just have to submit flickering logs.
Screenshot of broken logs
We are also graded on our file structure in the competition so I have organised the files to exactly how the want them, as shown here:
File organisation
Our group blog (http://thewonderinglandsofalice.blogspot.co.uk/) is still looking very sparse and I have set Denzil the job of writing up these blogs for everyone's individual blogs. So far this is going very slowly and I will be helping him with them now as I have finished all of the other admin.

Finally we also needed a new video with specific logos and timings.
Here is the finished video; with fancy editing and a new matinee made by me:

That's everything so far, I will update you when the group blogs are done and when I have tested out the level in 4.8.0.
Cheerio for now.

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