Off the Map: Update

Last time I was talking about all of the admin needed for the OTM submission; me and Denzil have been working hard and finally the group blogs done these can be seen at: http://thewonderinglandsofalice.blogspot.co.uk/.

I also spoke about waiting for the newest Unreal Engine 4 update; being 4.8.0. This version of the Engine came out recently and so I upgraded the level and decided to see if it would fix our flickering log problem. Unfortunately when trying to package the updated level there was a horde of errors; me and my flat mate sat down for an hour or two trying to fix these however some of them were to do with blueprints, due to newer updates. Thus I decided to stop trying to fix the errors because I wouldn't want to break anyone's blueprints. Therefore we will have to submit the level with flickering logs it's a shame but hopefully the judges will understand and can see them working in the video provided.
When anyone mentions my destructible logs.
That's it for OTM hope you have enjoyed it.
Cheerio for now.

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