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Just a quick little ending post about what I have done over the holiday before starting third year. I have decided to move over my blog to amberjamieson.wix.com/gameartblog for my final year so all posts I make from now on will be on this website.

Over the holiday I didn't have much time to do a lot of game art related things due to me getting my first job at the age of 20 (I know its appalling) at the retail store NEXT. It was an interesting experience and lets just say I have leant how to control my anger and stand up for myself at the right times; I will carry these soft skills over to other game art related things.

Over the holiday I did however make a portfilio website on amberjamieson.weebly.com but after moving my new blog over to Wix I fell in love with their customisation and have recently moved my portfolio over to this website too: amberjamieson.wix.com/portfolio. It was a bit of hassle but I feel that it looks more professional and now my blog and portfolio match. I also made my 2nd set of business cards over the holiday due to the older ones being out of date with website links; however now moving to Wix I'm doing to have to make new ones again. 

I did have sometime to do a photo study as shown below:
I have also being working on revamping a board game I made in year 9 called "Killing spree". 
This is still an on going project; I'm working with my partner and our friends to make it suited to us. I am in charge of all of the art in the game. Here's my character sheet at the moment until I find some time to work on this project a bit more;

After moving back to Leicester I got in touch with Unitemps and got interviewed to be a Brand ambassador, so now I get to work on open days and show potential students around the building and answer any questions they have about Game Art Design at DMU.

I also went to EGX over the holiday with the Games Development Society and got to play a lot of cool new games and talk to developers and industry professionals. I got a lot of feedback from Creative Assembly about my portfolio. However they wanted me to make it tailored more towards AAA work so I'm not 100% sure if i'm going to take their feedback on-board and change my portfolio as of yet.

That's everything for now, to see what I'm working on now check out my new blog (amberjamieson.wix.com/gameartblog).
Cherrio for now.

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