A little update and The 1st crackpot theory!

Just a little update about the whole Game Art thingy; Just finished my first visual design assignment (picture below) and feeling pretty happy with it :) I know its not perfect but that's why I'm at uni; to become amazing! :D
Final canal drawing.
Amber's Crackpot theories #1:

So I was laying in bed this morning after being woken up by drunk students (that have a social life; unlike me) on their way home at 5am after a booze up; as I was trying to get back to sleep I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable I then realised that my blanket wasn't covering my back... where does this weird feeling on security come from by just being wrapped up in a blanket cocoon? So I began to think to myself, does this come from when we were in the womb? being in a contained warm space? When you think about it it doesn't sound comforting at all, it feels restricting and well rather sweaty... but somehow it makes you feel invincible; feeling like you have a forcefield from ghosts, burglars and that weird hobo that lives under your bed...
That it all...

Cheerio! :D

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