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So another week is gone and work is going well, to start off lets take a look at the finished asset project from the first week back at uni;
Overall I am super happy with how the scene came out, due to it being the first group project and the first time using PBR textures and UE4. We had a few troubles with light maps which meant that we were behind schedule on hand in day but we still managed to get it all finished and submitted in time. I also managed to make my axe which I mentioned last time. 

The axe came out amazingly well considering that I concepted and modelled it in a day; I'm also impressed with myself due to my concept, it was the first time I had used the lasso and the pen tool in Photoshop to create concepts and my first time photo bashing. I'm going to keep on using this technique to create concepts. I also passed this model onto three of the other people in my group and they created the textures; I am very impressed with the outcome because it was fairly last minute.

So we had another presentation we had to do about the film project and our tutors helped us narrow down which scenes to go for and we decided to go with a scene from Sin City; Our group went through the entire film and chose shots that stood out to us, I then narrowed them down bit by bit; analysing them as I went and we finally came to the agreement that one of the bedroom scenes was the most visually appealing and interesting. 
All of the scenes we had chosen, narrowed down to 6 potential shots.
The 6 scenes analysed and then narrowed down to 2.
The 2 final remaining scenes with pros and cons.
The final scene chosen.
We also created a timetable on my wipe-board and allocated everyone different assignments; for example I am modelling and unwrapping the plane and boots, texturing the boots and we are all working on texturing the bed and working on the lighting and the engine together. 
Wipe-board chart, list and timetable.
So enough of the boring stuff lets talk about COOL SHIT! My course has just started a sort of seminar/lecture group called cool shit Wednesdays (It surprisingly lives up to its name). 
Last week was trippy as hell we had epileptic seizures all over the place with animated gifs and flashy movies involving ultra Jesus (don't ask I'm trying to erase it from my memory) and this week we had a toned down version where we were shown lots of cool things that one of our tutors had worked on. There has been so much cool shit that I have become so inspired; I even started my own pinterest board of FMP inspirations (http://www.pinterest.com/ajamieson0219/fmp-inspirations/) which I will be updating continuously with all the amazing colourful stuff! 
Me and my flatmate James (http://jmbroderick.blogspot.co.uk/) have also decided to fill the walls of his room with awesome inspirational images (seeing that I pretty much live on his sofa most of the time), we also bought two wipe-boards to write down all of the best ideas in the world on and we are thinking about starting our own projects; by which I mean MAKING OUR OWN GAMES!!... but keep it hush there is more of that coming soon ;) ... hopefully

Cat gif : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/573364596283255127/

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