Recreating Marv's room in Sin City:Film Project

So a week has passed and we are getting closer to finishing our group film room project. We did another presentation on Thursday in which we got lots of good feedback and told we were on track and that they were looking forward to seeing the final thing. 

We have all finished our modelling and unwrapping and on our way to finishing texturing. I had a few problems when modelling the plane to say the least and ended up restarting using more references of the same type of plane (Corsair). This turned out so much better, the perspective in the film is still a little off so I had to warp the plane a bit but overall it looks perfect.
Plane iteration (Original on the left. New finished one on the right.)

Plane Reference
Here's the final models in situé;
3DS Max render
Personally I am really proud of our group because we have managed so far to keep on track and produce something that looks accurate to the picture. we have also done a quick lighting test in 3DS Max whilst one of our group member's is looking in more detail at the lighting in UE4. We should have everything in a UE4 scene by Monday ready to start polishing and working on lighting to make it spot on to the original image. 
Test lighting in 3DS Max
Our group has also finished our 3D card model and did a photo-shoot on Friday, so some better photos should be on the way but here is the finished thing with some basic lighting and camera work.

We used thick card for the outer walls and glued them together and then made the individual objects with a thinner card. We also used a template drawn in Photoshop and then printed it out to create the windows and to make sure all of the objects were placed in the correct area.

Enough about the film project lets talk about cool shit :D So this week we were told about 10 different places we should look at to get inspired; lots of websites like Pinterest and so on were mentioned but I have learnt a load of new places to look at and I'm looking forward to going back to London at Christmas to look at some qwerky museums. One big thing that stuck in my head was travelling and I am definitely going to go backpacking around asia when I have the time and money because it is such an awe inspiring place and it does truly inspire me already. 
Colourful rock formations in Zhangye, China

Plane picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vought_F4U_Corsair
Colour rock formations picture: http://masspictures.net/zhangye-china-rock-formations/

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