Off The Map: Modelling like mad

Just a quick update on what everyone has been up to this week;
Stating off from last time we have progressed a lot, we have almost finished modelling there is only a few little assets and some main environment left to do and we finally have nailed down a style.
After Denzil copying the art style of Ink Quest we decided that this was not the way to go forward, mainly because we want to do something new and colourful. However this test was very beneficial and we are incorporating some of this style into the beginning of the level.  
Denzil's Ink Quest inspired environment.

Ink Quest
As I have already mentioned we are very close to finishing modelling; just a few bits mainly for me to fix with the overall environment, so that all of the assets will fit together in engine. We made a shared spreadsheet to help us keep track of what everyone is doing and what is left to do; this includes whether it is unwrapped, textured, its tricount. Here's a few of the models made this week. 
One of the floating houses made by Braden.
Lily pads made by Luke.
Book stacks for the environment made by me.
We have also decided to use more of the images that were given to us after Freddy spoke to the judges in London. We have now made our level more underground and have started to add mining tools to the level.
Mine cart made by Denzil.
One of the images given to us by the British Library.
Whilst modelling a lot of the assets I have found lots of little tweaks that need to be made to the block out, such as extension of certain parts of the level. 
Error with the block-out compared to the concept.
I am slowly trying to get everything to fit but this might be better to fix when we have built everything in engine so that they can be sized perfectly.
Level block-out compared to the designs and concepts.
I have come to conclusion that I will just have to tweak it continuously whilst working on the environment to make sure that it is to scale with Alice and her mechanics. Speaking of mechanics, I spent Monday morning working on a few little things that needed editing such as getting the logs to break when big Alice jumps on them and making Alice float down the rabbit hole. So far I have managed to do these basically but I am unsure whether there might be a better way to do these later on. 

But on the the good stuff here is Freddy's final paint-over of the entire level;
Final level paint-over.
This clearly shows the transition of paper sepia tones to stylised saturated models. I am really happy with how this has turned out and I really hope that we can replicate this overall. Here is what the mushroom section is looking like at the moment;

Dan has also started blocking out his Alice model and I think we have almost decided on a final design; number 4 shown below.
Dan's Alice concepts.
That's everything for now, next time I do an update we should be completely modelled and have a lot of texturing done; fingers crossed everything goes to plan.
Cheerio for now.

Ink Quest image: http://www.gamrreview.com/news/91979/a-look-at-lionheads-cancelled-title-inkquest/
Mining photo: http://wchildblog.com/2014/05/24/photo-story-rare-early-flash-photography-images-of-cornish-miners/

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