Fluffy potato character

The modelling is done! Well for now at least; I might end up revising somethings after texturing and rigging. Anyway here is what my character is looking like at the moment;
Character with old texture
Un-textured model
I'm felling a lot better about how my character looks; the alphas make the silhouette more interesting and also makes the character look less like an action figure (made of plastic). I love the way that my alphas have come out and I am definitely going to use them again for fur or hair etc. (to make everything fluffy and adorable!).
The only problem with using alphas is the tri count, my revised model is now 4641 tris where as the original was 3983 tris; I don't think it's that big of a problem but it will be something I keep my eyes on when using alphas in the same way for another project.

Old model and new model.
When comparing my revised model to the old one, I can see why I got asked to work on it; with just a few simple changes and fixes the model looks a lot better. Next on my list of things to do is unwrap and texture the model and then finally rig the character. When it comes to texturing I have decided to split up the model into 3 maps; a 1024 for the main body, a 512 for alphas (including the frilled cuffs, fur, fluff and a new alpha for the ruff) and a 256 for props (the hat and balloons).

That's all for now hopefully I can keep on beating the potatoeyness, and keep it at bay!
Fight the potatoeyness!
I will update you soon which will probably be when I am back in Leicester,
Cheerio for now.

It's so fluffy .gif: http://gifrific.com/its-so-fluffy/
Cat vs. potato .gif: http://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/1qr8wq/cat_attacking_large_potato/

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