Texturing with awful alphas

So I've managed to get my texturing done on my character and he looks fab in 3DS Max;

I'm really pleased with how the texturing has come out, however I am having a few issues with how they look in UE4. The alphas just don't look the same as they do in 3DS max, I'm not sure if its just the engine or if its to do with my file compression but they just look damn awful. Tomorrow I and going to get some tech help and hopefully figure out why they look so bad. Here they are below;

I got some feedback from Steve and Craig earlier today, they said it was going well but I should move the pom poms further apart, give the balloons more loops and add blood to the outfit like before; I have now implemented all of these things and hopefully it is looking how they want it to now. For the texture sheets I have used a 1024 for the main body including a normal map. a 512 for the alphas and a RGB set of roughness maps and finally a 256 for props.

Now all I have to do is figure out whats wrong with the alphas and rig it. Oh and of course get everything ready for my presentation and start my essay that is due in 2 weeks; wish me luck.
Cheerio for now.

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