The 5 day count down

Another week has gone and we are 5 days closer to the resubmission and essay deadline; Luckily I have finished my character project!

It took a whole day of rigging (8am-5pm) and 3 rigs but my character is finally finished and looking fab. I also got some help and managed to get the alphas working on my character too (this was a problem with UE4 and I have ended up setting my material to translucent rather than masked). So without further adieu here he is:
 3DS Max renders

 UE4 renders

Overall I am really happy with my revised character but I am even more glad that it is over, so that I can move onto doing my unintentionally put off essay. I have been to the library and gathered more references and now its just the hard job of writing everything up.

My presentation didn't go quite as planned earlier this week but at least its out of the way now. I can now focus all of my attention on my essay and OTM. 

Cheerio for now.

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