Off The Map: Getting it together

This week has been a long one, nothing seemed to get done until Friday; even though everyone was on track and working.

Monday for me was a day of Admin; I started timetabling what everyone should be doing and sorted out how things will be textured. This was then postponed due to an injured Freddy. Luckily on the Tuesday I was back on track and finished all of my admin. Hopefully having these timetables in place will free me up some more time; so that I am not checking up on everyone to make sure they are working on the right thing. After getting this finished I rewarded myself with a bit of modelling and texturing to get myself out of engine and text documents.
Sign made by me.
This week Denzil had been working on perfecting his water material and has also worked out how to make the waterfall in UE4; unfortunately I do not have and screen shot of these but they should be in the level soon, so keep your eyes out for that. Denzil has now moved on to working on our Cheshire Cat, that hides on a vine above the mushroom lair; our cat is heavily inspired by forest Maine coons because they are the most adorable cats ever! Denzil is now modelling and should hopefully finish this over the holiday.
Maine coon for reference.
Luke has continued working in engine and after Emma's feedback added text to our light beams (sun rays) and they look fab! Here is an older shot of what the fog for the mushroom lair looks like:
Luke's fog effect.
Dan has continued working on Alice and did some more research on what type of dress she should have; here's what she looks like so far:
Dan's Alice model.
I can't wait till it's fully rigged and in engine! She's going to look adorable.

This week Braden has moved onto texturing the houses but first he finished the start menu's design;
This will look amazing when it's fully animated and on the master UE4 file; but for now Braden has more important things to work on so I will have to wait until he has finished it over the holiday.

After a couple days of rest Freddy was back in and ready to work; she managed to get a weeks worth of texturing done in a day. This means that all of the books are now up to date and looking lovely after I finished doing the roughness and normal maps for them. Here's what our level looks like so far.

On Thursday and Friday I pushed myself to get the level in a playable way. As you can tell there is still a lot to finish and fix. The lighting is my next priority as well as modelling the rest of the environment. To finish here is a play through of it so far:

Now I just need to make sure I don't let everything pile up and have to rush things for the DMU hand in after Easter.
A cat reminder not to let things pile up!
Cheerio for now.

Maine coon cat wiggle .gif: https://www.tumblr.com/search/wiggle-gif
Cat covered in packing foam .gif: http://www.pawnation.com/2013/10/07/good-morning-gifs-october-7th-2013/

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