Reviews: The last hurdel

Last week we had our reviews to tell us how we are doing this year and I'm not failing! However at the moment I am currently looking at getting a 2:2 for this year, which isn't bad but I want to do better. Therefore I have decided to resubmit my character project; If I improve this project and do well in my critical studies work for this year than I should get a 2:1 for the year. This would be a 10% increase in skill from first year; and if I continue that 10% into third year than I could be looking at getting a 1st overall in my degree which would be pretty great (but lets think about getting through this year first).

In the review I was told that I got a 60 for my container city project which is a B; I am extremely happy with this and I am glad that the tutors saw how much work went into it even if they weren't a massive fan of the outcome. Next time I'm going to try and stick to the brief as much as possible to get an A.
Screenshot from our container city project.
In the dichotomous duo character project I got C's in everything but time management in which I got a D; after some questions I found out that I got a D because of how much I did in the project, they felt like I could have done more. This is a fair judgement but I know myself that I did the best I could and that it wasn't the best thing ever because characters aren't my strong point. On the other hand I am happy to work on this project again to get it looking how I want; It also means I can practice rigging as it is something I am awful at. It might also mean that I will feel happy putting it in my portfolio. 
Character project final.
I am currently reworking my design slightly to make the shapes stronger and to basically make the character look more appealing.
Character project paint over.
I feel that this paint over is the way forward; I re-looked at sloths and how to portray them in my character. I have added red eyes with pupils, a D shaped head instead of a O shaped one, longer arms, spaced claws, pointy/messy hair (on alphas), fur poking through clothing, fluffy pom poms (on alphas) and a wobblier body. I feel like all of these thing make my character feel more scary and sloth like. The next stage is to re work my model implementing this new design and optimising the buttons, eyes and nose because they could be lower poly. I will then have to re unwrap and texture and finally I am going to have to rig and pose my character. Hopefully I will have enough time over Easter to get this done.

Over Easter I also have to write my long essay task which is a reflective piece of writing about our year; I have been struggling to know what to write and how to find references. All I know is that I am going to write about stress and how I have dealt with it this year and how other people deal with it. Hopefully everything will just click into place when I get into it.

I also have to write my presentation which we have to do the first week back; this can be on anything we want but must be 3 minutes long and have 10 slides. I was thinking of doing mine on "Sin City: A dame to kill for" as a sort of lead on from my presentation in first year which was about how they use different colours in the film to connote feelings towards characters or objects. I was thinking of doing a comparison and seeing if the colours correlate or if they contradict each other. 
I have also been recommended to work with James (My FMP buddy) over the summer to get our skills to the best they can be so that when we come back we can get a 1st in our final year! That's it for now I will update you with how everything is going over Easter; all I need to do is make sure I don't fall at the last hurdle. 

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