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This week has been a slow one and I am starting to get concerned with the time I have to finish everything; last week I spoke about having an extension on the Off the Map hand in and how I should still be able to work on it over Easter, it has now come to my attention that I might not have enough time to get everything else that needs to be done before that finished. Therefore Alice might not get worked on until we get back to Uni which is a bit worrying.

I also have to think about starting my written task (essay); which I am currently gathering reference for but have not begun typing. I also need to finish redoing my character project and my presentation; which are both in the progress of getting done. Over this holiday I also wanted to get my CV, cover letter and portfolio done so that I could apply to internships over summer; unfortunately that looks unlikely to get done now as its not my priority. This week has been an intense start to tennis and jogging up hills (as Leicester is just flat). I am exhausted and finding it hard to motivate myself to work after this; I will sort out my routine soon and should be able to not fall asleep after just 2 hours of jogging and tennis.
Death by tennis

Lets get onto the character project; I have been working on getting the new shapes into my model and I have now moved onto putting the alphas on the model. The alphas have been playing up but I have finally fixed the problem by adding extra padding on the texture and resetting the normals in 3DS Max; heres what it looks like so far:
If I am honest I'm not very happy with they way it looks at the moment; obviously it still needs the modelling to be finished and the texture to be fixed. In plain terms I think he looks like a retarded potato...
Hopefully I can fix this soon and move onto the texturing.
I still have a lot on my to do list so he is far from finished but that's it for now update you soon;
Cheerio for now.

Weird Alice .gif: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/articles/artist-creates-incredibly-derpy-disney-gifs

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